Day 12 – In the Caribbean Sea


Our last full day at sea with no commitments.  Tomorrow we are in the Grand Cayman Islands and then one last sea day before Ft. Lauderdale.  But we will have to pack and get everything set out early to be ready for disembarking.  It will take me hours to creatively stuff all our purchases into the luggage.  I’m still stressing it won’t fit.  I need one of those giant old steamer trunks like they used in the 1920’s.  Those were the days.  And if you believe the movies, everyone had a personal maid to pack it for them.

Today was a great people watching day.  We are all aware the trip is winding down, and I noticed many travelers stopping to chat with the staff and various musical acts.  It is nice to see people take the time to say thank you and share how their talent touched our hearts.  Obviously, we all work hard for money, but I know how my heart sings when someone has a kind word – it is the icing on the cake.  

There was a great zero point appetizer today at lunch.  Thin, very soft smoked salmon with thin shaved cucumber scrunched up like a flower with a tiny wedge of lime on top.  Salmon Appetizer (1) I had already eaten part of it when I thought about taking the picture – sorry!  Delicious and it would be a simple, and fancy, way to impress guests.  

The wind was more than brisk today, and they had to close most of the decks.  I tried to go out on one of the few decks that was still open.  I wrenched the deck door open, and ended up clinging to the door frame, afraid I might take flight right into the water.  It felt strange that the wind was so hot.  In our northwest style of life, a big wind is cold.  But I am so glad I went out because the water was the most amazing shade of blue.  I’ve never been in the Caribbean, but oh my, this was just the most remarkable shade.  The windows mute the colors, but standing out there in the hot blowing wind – it was spectacular.

Sadly, the darned wind was so crazy that I couldn’t ooh and ahh more than a minute.  Tonight, the winds calmed and the tropical air felt like a warm massage, but it was dark and you couldn’t see blue seas.  But better than the bruising wild air earlier in the day 

Last night our ship rocked all night long.  Somehow today, despite the brisk wind, the boat was much more stable and while we wove a beat walking, the Dramamine level seemed on low alert.

It was a spectacular day for Emma.  There was a special matinee show this afternoon.  Three of the headliners combined for a special show.  The amazing woman singer TeaCake, the guy who played Simba on Broadway and this incredible Irish flutist put on an absolutely incredible show.  They performed individually and together.  It was dazzling.  Oh, to be so talented!

After the show, the headliners were out in the hall, greeting the audience.  The Broadway guy who is really hot (Emma’s words), saw Emma and shouted above everyone “Hey, Emma!  So good to see you again, come give me a big hug!”  Looking behind her to see if he was talking to someone else,  she then blushed red to the roots of her hair and got the happiest look ever on her face. Emma had bought his CD a few days before at his show and got his autograph.  She couldn’t believe he remembered her.  Of course, as the only teen girl he has seen on the ship, she stands out.  He and TeaCake made a fuss over her and she kept turning multiple shades of red and couldn’t wipe the smile off her face.  She giggled all the way back to our room.

Emma had homework to do, so she stayed in our cabin and George and I went to read our books.  When I checked on her later, she said she had seen again seen Simba and TeaCake in the lobby when she went for coffee and had talked to them again.  Oh my, were there stars in her eyes!  But wait, there’s more!

Tonight was the last formal dress up night, so we got all decked out and had our pictures taken on the big grand staircase.  

This photo is a big deal for me. I threatened them both that they had to show teeth. You can’t see the knife I have pressed into George’s side


Emma on Cruise
Isn’t she lovely? And she’s showing teeth!

Dinner was at Qsine, the fusion cuisine spot.  This is absolutely the worst restaurant for healthy eating, and the best for great flavors.  Don’t even get me started – I’m so glad we won’t be eating there again.  Delicious, but the calories are astronomical.  At least it is on the top deck and it was ten

Qsine Fries
Five kinds of French Fries. Take that Micky D!
Delicious deep fried crab cake. Zillion calories, very tasty, of course…..

 flights of stairs to get there.  That must have worked off an olive or two.  After dinner, George and Emma went by elevator back to the lobby, while I opted to work off part of the 10,000 calorie dinner by using the stairs.  I stopped on the way to listen to a band singing songs from Mama Mia, so it took awhile.  When I got to the lobby, there was Emma with Simba, the flute player and TeaCake.  Emma was waiting for me  and they had spotted her.  They waited with her until I arrived.  I’m telling you that girl felt so special!

We went to the Broadway show the Celebrity cast put on tonight and had a wonderful time.  I love Broadway musicals, and I clapped so much that my Apple Watch told me I had exceeded my activity goals by 96%.  Now that is the way to have armchair fitness!

Speaking of fitness, there is an old geezer on this trip who spends  his days on the sunny top deck, wearing his Speedo briefs.  I don’t believe he brought any other clothing.  For formal night he probably put on a bowtie that matches the stripe in his Speedos.  He still sports the hair from the 1960’s, which may mean his swim shorts are from the same era.  

Speedo Man Needs a Bra (1)I surreptitiously snapped a couple shots of him.  Gosh, I hope none of you are related to him.  I’m sure he is a very nice guy, but he might want to re-think the Speedos; and possibly invest in a brassiere for men.  Do they make those?

Tomorrow is our last excursion – and the one Emma has been looking forward to the most.  We will swim with stingrays and then with dolphins.  I’m worried, because I can’t swim.  Emma was determined to teach me, but after two days I ended up with swimmer’s earache and ended up visiting the medical center to get ear drops.  That cooled my swimming jets, but now I’m wondering if I should have kept it up.  Supposedly, the water is shallow, so hopefully I can keep my feet on the ground.  If not, I may elect to observe.  I am demanding a mask, because I know I am not sticking my face in the water.  Just not going to happen!

The ship is too big to dock at Georgetown (George is loving the name of this place), so we have to take the life boat tenders to town.  This means they begin transporting  people in at 6:30 am.  You should have seen Emma’s face when she heard this.  Boy, does this girl hate an early call.

Maybe a dolphin?

Tonight when we returned to our room, there was a baby animal tucked in her bed.  Emma thought it was a worm; I guessed it was a baby seal and George believes it is a penguin.  Whatever the sucker is, it sure made her excited.  I’m afraid to ask Anthony, the stateroom attendant, what it is.  I remarked to Anthony that  the last one was a amazing rabbit, and he informed me with an injured tone it was a dog.  Emma better not tell him it was a worm, because I’m sure that wouldn’t be correct.

So far, every day has been sunny and warm.  One more day of paradise, let’s hope our good luck holds.  Stay tuned!

Author: Traveling Grandma

As an aging mother of six and grandma to seven, travel was always a dream. Diapers, work and an eccentric high-maintenance husband just seemed to keep those trips a distant desire. Eventually, however, the kids potty trained, lived through the teenage angst years and left the nest to start their own families. Work still gets in the way for my husband, but it does help pay for the trips! Can't do much about the eccentric, high-maintenance husband; after 36 years I have reconciled that he will never pick up his underwear. He's my partner for life, travel companion and can always be counted on to do something totally odd. It makes for a good story, and besides - without his major financial contribution, we would sitting at home year after year, watching yet another rerun of NCIS. Due to a major health scare, I recently retired - and love retirement! I have always LOVED to cook. My love of food, and birthing those babies, led to an 85 pound weight gain. After joining a weight loss program, I shed the weight, went to work for them and found a new career. For me, it was a dream job. How many people can say they loved their job? I got to work together with people and help them live a healthy lifestyle, and lose weight. And it changed the way I cook! Instead of coating foods with fat and/or sugar, I've learned to bring out the real flavor in foods and keep them healthy. It's a joy to travel the world and explore new foods. I'm always on the lookout for different foods and willing to try almost anything. George, my husband, is always aghast at my choices. He's looking for a McDonald's while I'm trying to find the best local eatery. Checking out grocery stores and food forums in different countries is endless fun. Bringing back cooking ingredients keeps the memories alive every time they are used in a recipe back home. Paprika from Budapest, Sumac from Turkey, dried squid from Japan....what a lucky person I am to experience it all. Life is interesting everywhere, and there is always something humorous to be found, even in my own backyard of Mt Hood, Oregon. I love to journal and people have been telling me for years to become a writer. As Medicare is now a prominent part of my life, I figured this was as good a time as any. If I don't do it now, I'll be writing stories about my neighbors in the nursing home. A big trip will probably be whacking along in my walker to the day room to watch the Travel Channel. I take heart that Colonel Sanders started his finger lickin' fortune late in life because he wasn't afraid to try something new. So here I go!

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