Portugal and Spain 2019

We just arrived, and I haven’t taken a good picture of the beauty of Lisbon. But believe me – it’s lovely!

Winter has come before Fall commenced at our home on Mt Hood in Oregon.  I’m not ready for snow, so we have headed to Portugal and Spain for a few weeks of hopefully warmer weather and some sunnier skies.  At least we hope so!

Husband George is retiring at the end of the year and we are now looking around us with new eyes.  Would Portugal and/or Spain be a good place to visit for longer than a quick visit?  We are checking it out to see if we might want to come back and stay for a bit!  It is said that Portugal and Spain are lovely places to stay at lower prices than many other countries in Europe.

Come join us!  Wine, beaches and beautiful sights abound!

Note:  If you are viewing this on your phone, it may be necessary to click on the Portugal and Spain menu to view each blog posting.  Wish I was better at technology to fix this – but I’m just a traveling grandma who still marvels at having a cell phone to find her missing husband.

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